Monday, June 11, 2007

Zimbabwean President Robert G. Mugabe reaches out to MDC

In a home where there is discord and fighting, the peaceful words of an elder are like water on a wild fire. Naturally, it pleased my eyes to read that Mugabe was reaching out to the MDC. This is what Africa and Zimbabwe needs, not the politics of war. We need to move beyond the politics of name-calling to the politics of letting ideas fight.

As much as I would like to celebrate, I would be more happy if this show of political maturity by the MDC and Zanu PF is not like the rain that comes to announce the drought to come. Weird as it sounds, but if you have ever lived in a dry region you may know that there is a certain kind of rain that comes up shortly before a dry spell. It is the kind that gives people so much hope, they go out and plant seeds that only die to never rise again and give life to the earth and people around it. But, hopefully, Mugabe's words will be like the rain that falls today to wet the ground's appetite in an announcement that, be ready...great things are to come. I do not want to shower too much praises because that is what they were supposed to do. It is expected of elders to talk peace when the house is divided, to cool the heat when it is too hot, and to bring wisdom when foolishness prevails. So all I can say, is, it is about time!

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